Swedish Clean Iraq


The Swedish company for cleaning and maintenance services was established on 11-05-2011 in Kurdistan region to provide cleaning and maintenance services to ministries, departments and institutions, companies, malls, Hospitals, restaurant, school, universities, markets, Houses, Cleaning of swimming pool, cleaning sport stadiums, Cleaning interfaces Buildings, and Municipalities Service.


. The experience and knowledge gained over this period has enabled us to develop expertise and delivery systems that guarantee our customers excellent value for money.


Our comprehensive services include a vast array of specialized offerings to meet all of your facilities' maintenance.


Our policy is “Never to say no” to our customer’s request. Members of our staff are trained to understand the importance of making an all-out effort to fulfill our customers’ requests, even the most difficult ones. We will work with you to find solutions to your toughest problems.



Through the past years the company has been able to achieve great successes in this area. Many appreciation Certificates have been given to this company.